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  • Max D Fagan

Reasons for Your Family to have a Will

Here are some of the best reasons to have a living will for your family.

1. It will provide information to the court on how to divide your property up. Make sure you know who is getting what

2. They provide information on where your minor children will go and who raises them.

3. You can disinherit people who feel may not value the property correctly.

4. You can always change it. There is never a time that you can’t change you will while your living

5. Time is valuable.  Once you are gone, your belongings then go to individuals that may not care as much as you do. So, your property isn’t being taken care of the way that you’d like.

Wills are something that is ease for your mind. It’s just a simple document that lets you know your family is taken care of when you’re gone. 

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